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  • This is the final resting place of President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife, Julia Dent Grant, and a solemn place for visitors to quietly reflect on his life and achievements.
  • Visitors are invited to explore this impressive granite and marble structure. Rangers are available to give tours.
  • The crypt area, holding two sarcophagi that contain the remains of President Grant and Mrs. Grant, is available for viewing.
  • Bronze busts depicting five of Grant’s greatest lieutenants surround the sarcophagi in the crypt area.
  • Three mosaic murals in the interior depict important scenes from Grant’s military career.
  • Two reliquary rooms on the main floor contain replicas of Civil War battle flags, surrounded by murals of maps denoting major engagements of the war.
  • Overhead, three large mosaic murals depict important scenes from Grant’s military career.

Memorial Grounds

  • The plaza surrounding the mausoleum, and its adjoining grounds is a place for respectful contemplation of Grant’s life and achievements, as well as an appreciation of the design and construction of the memorial.
  • Behind the mausoleum is a Chinese memorial on the site of Grant’s temporary tomb

Overlook Pavilion

  • The top of the pavilion affords a scenic view of the Hudson River.
  • The lower level of the pavilion contains a presentation room with permanent exhibits addressing some of the major events in Grant’s life and the history of the Tomb.
  • A gift shop offers memorabilia and publications.
  • In the presentation room, a 23-minute documentary, Ulysses S. Grant: A Legacy of Freedom, is available to view.
  • Public restrooms are available here.

Special Events

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Visiting the Grant Monument

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