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Grant's Tomb: An Overview
Artwork and Furnishings

In 1966, mosaic murals by Allyn Cox were added to three lunettes inside Grant's Tomb. The murals portray scenes from three of Grant's greatest campaigns.

Grant (on horseback) during the Vicksburg Campaign (November 1862 - July 1863).
Grant on Missionary Ridge, to the right of General George H. Thomas (November 25, 1863).
General Robert E. Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Court House (April 9, 1865).

The Tomb also contains two reliquary rooms with murals by Dean Fausett that feature classical themes as well as maps depicting the theater of the Civil War. 

Locations of battles are indicated by crossed sabers. Grant's battles are indicated with a star.
In the center of the reliquary room are bronze trophy cases containing replicas of Civil War battle flags.