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Grant's Tomb: An Overview
Relief Design

On the facade of the Tomb is the epitaph, "LET US HAVE PEACE," a quote taken from Grant's acceptance of the Republican nomination for president that would characterize the ultimate aims of his public career. Allegorical figures probably representing Victory and Peace (sculpted by J. Massey Rhind) are depicted on either side of the sign, marking Grant's importance both in war and in peace.

On the four pendentives in the interior of the Tomb are relief sculptures, also by Rhind, with allegorical representations of Grant's

Birth - note the tree of life and figures holding symbols of education and the home.

Military Life - both figures hold emblems used in war.

Civilian Life - accompanying the figures are symbols of victory, prosperity, and Grant's authority as president.

Death - symbols of death, (possibly) strength, and eternity are held by the figures.