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Site 1: Behind the Tomb Site 2: Overlook Pavilion Other Items of Concern

Other Items of Concern

The marble floor surrounding the sarcophagi containing President and Mrs. Grant's remains is discolored and cracked. This should be remedied.

No attempt has been made in recent decades to coordinate the surrounding landscape with the Tomb. Trees surrounding the monument have been permitted to become so overgrown that when trees are in full bloom, the structure can no longer be seen even from across the street.

Contrast the views from across the street

The Tomb in earlier years was intended to include an allegorical finial on its apex and an equestrian statue in the plaza. By including these items, the Tomb can finally be completed.

Early and recent views from Riverside Drive

Early view from Riverside Park

The mosaic benches should relocated to a more appropriate location, perhaps nearby in Riverside Park.