Prepared by the Grant Monument Association


Frank J. Scaturro, President 

M. Garland Reynolds, FAIA Architect & Chairman
Halsted Welles, ASLA Landscape Architect
Wajdi Atallah, PE Building Construction Consultant
Donald Martin Reynolds, Ph.D. Art Historian
Edward S. Hochman, Esq. Legal Advisor
Scott Berman, Ph.D. Communications Consultant
Vic Williams, AICD CAD Consultant


The Planning and Design Committee of the Grant Monument Association 

P.O. Box 1088, FDR Station
New York, NY 10150-1088

The Grant Monument Association is committed to ensuring the establishment of an adequate visitor center and land transfer at Grant's Tomb. There are two possible locations of a visitor center: Site 1 behind (immediately north of) Grant's Tomb, and Site 2 at the overlook pavilion. The GMA has studied both possibilities extensively and recommends the selection of Site 1. In view of the National Park Service's plans to opt for Site 2, however, the GMA presents two conceptual studies of how this site can be developed into a visitor center. Click on either site below, or from the navigation bar to the left,for the GMA's studies, as well as for information regarding how you can help: 

Site area behind the tomb.

The Overlook Pavilion