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Grant's Tomb: History
Construction and Dedication

Ground was broken for the Tomb on April 27, 1891. On April 27, 1892, the 70th Anniversary of Grant's birth, President Benjamin Harrison laid the cornerstone of Grant's Tomb. Over 8,000 tons of granite would be used for construction.

Grant's Tomb on Dedication Day

On April 27, 1897, the 75th Anniversary of Grant's birth, Grant's Tomb was dedicated. The occasion was a full public holiday, Grant Day, and attracted a throng of spectators to rival Grant's funeral nearly twelve years earlier. The dedication day parade featured 60,000 marchers, led by the West Point corps of cadets, and was observed by about one million onlookers. President William McKinley and Horace Porter addressed an enormous crowd as Mrs. Grant and her family observed the ceremony from the reviewing stand.

In May 1897, former Chinese Minister Yang Yu, representing Li Hung Chang, the Chinese viceroy who had become acquainted with Grant during the latter's world tour, planted a ginkgo tree on the site of Grant's temporary tomb.

Julia Grant died on December 14, 1902, in Washington, D.C., and her remains were interred beside her husband's in a twin sarcophagus.