The Grant Monument Association

The Grant Monument Association (GMA) was formed within days of Grant's death to establish and administer a suitable resting place for a preeminent American. The GMA did this for years, but following a declining membership and aging leadership that would not allow it to continue, the GMA transferred the site over to the National Park Service (NPS) in 1959. Between the 1960's and 1990's, desecration and neglect reached alarming levels at Grant's Tomb, and the site that had drawn more visitors than the Statue of Liberty through World War I became a national disgrace.

As national attention was called to the plight of Grant's Tomb, A new Grant Monument Association was established to revive the notion that President Grant's final resting place was a "sacred trust" that deserved better treatment than it was getting. The GMA remains the primary outlet for citizen support for Grant's Tomb. Find out how you can join the Grant Monument Association.

The GMA Mission
  • To commemorate and perpetuate the accomplishments of Ulysses S. Grant and Julia Dent Grant and their memory.
  • To undertake educational activities and ceremonies as they pertain to President Grant's service to his country.
  • To cooperate with public and private parties to insure the repair, maintenance and upgrading of Grant's Tomb in New York City.
  • To raise funds to accomplish the foregoing purposes.

GMA board members are listed below.

Edward S. Hochman

Ulysses Grant Dietz
Claire Ruestow Telecki
Scott J. Berman

Howard R. Rosenthal

Board of Trustees

Wajdi Atallah
Scott J. Berman*
Nicole Telecki Berry
Rev. Dr. Robert G. Carroon
Grant C. de MaCarty*
Julia Grant Dietz*
Ulysses Grant Dietz*
Nicholas Fish
Ulysses S. Grant V
John Grant Griffiths
James A. Grismer
Edward Happle
Edward S. Hochman*
Marie E. Kelsey
Clarence D. (Hugh) Long, III
Diane E. Meives*
Donna Neralich
Brian C. Pohanka*
Richard R. Prouty
Donald Martin Reynolds
M. Garland Reynolds*
Howard R. Rosenthal*
Clara Frances Ruestow*
Claire Ruestow Telecki*
Nicole Telecki
J. Sheppard Yudkoff*
Vic Williams

Honorary Trustees

Kenneth L. Burns
John S.D. Eisenhower
Dean Fausett - 1913-1998
Hon. Hamilton Fish, Jr. - 1926-1996
Shelby Foote - 1916-2005
Hon. Henry A. Kissinger
Hon. John V. Lindsay - 1921-2000
Mrs. Douglas MacArthur - 1898-2000
James M. McPherson
Hon. Jerrold Nadler
Ralph G. Newman - 1912-1998
Hon. Colin L. Powell
Frank J. Scaturro
Jan Scruggs
General William C. Westmoreland  - 1914 -2005

*Executive Committee Members